MABA Sponsors

The companies and individuals below are supporting MABA for 2020 through web and symposium sponsorship. Please take a moment and view their websites and services.


Centrisys Logo.jpg McGill

McGill Environmental Systems owns and operates regional composting facilities in the U.S. and Ireland.  Their newest U.S. plant, McGill-Waverly, is located near Richmond, Virginia, and is the largest enclosed composting facility in that state. Two more plants serve the Carolina coastal and Piedmont regions near Wilmington and Raleigh, respectively. In Ireland, they have facilities in Co Cork and Co Waterford.  Locate a McGill facility.

Casella Organics

Casella Organics was founded in 1975 with the vision of managing and conserving environmental resources for their customers and communities.  Casella provides resource management expertise and services to residential, commercial, municipal, and industrial customers in the areas of solid waste resource collection, recycling, organics, energy recovery, and disposal.

DENALI.GIF Denali Water Solutions

With over twenty years of experience, Denali Water Solution is one of the most experienced biosolids management companies in the United States. Denali Water manages millions of residuals per year, providing an array of biosolids management solutions including permitting, dewatering, land application, anaerobic digestion, composting, drying, and other residual conversion technologies. In addition, Denali Water is the leader in Class A biosolids product marketing through its WeCare Organics™ brand and the identification of innovative processes through its Denali Technologies Group.


Everything Jacobs does – from addressing water scarcity and aging infrastructure to ensuring access to life-saving therapies and protecting against sophisticated cyberattacks – is more than projects outlined in proposal requests. They’re challenges as human beings.

Jacobs brings a thoughtful and collaborative approach to every one of their partnerships. They can help their partners make a positive impact on the world. They lead large project teams with many different companies and agencies – but make sure everyone’s voice has a chance to be heard and respected.

Environmental stewardship and climate change are the defining issues of our time. Jacobs tackles these challenges differently because They know that whatever they face, they have greater opportunities today to emerge stronger tomorrow.



Since 1951, Hazen and Sawyer has focused on two critical activities – helping their clients provide safe drinking water to their customers, and controlling water pollution and its effects on the environment.

Their focus brings us exceptional challenges – such as the largest drinking water UV disinfection installation in the world, upgrade of major wastewater treatment plants to reduce nutrient discharges to sensitive receiving waters, and recharging vital drinking water aquifers with highly-treated wastewater effluent, renewing a valuable resource.

Thermal Process Systems 

Thermal Process Systems was founded by experienced wastewater treatment professionals who understand first hand the complex issues of bio-solids processing and re-use. Their first challenge: to develop a more reliable, more efficient process for the production of high quality biosolids. The result is the proprietary ThermAer process. ThermAer has been subjected to rigorous field-testing in full-scale operating systems, and pilot testing at various sites since 1995. It has exceeded every customer expectation. In addition to the proprietary ThermAer process, Thermal Process Systems has also established relationships with the most respected equipment manufacturers in the industry today. It is an unmatched combination, offering you complete systems integration, from retrofit to ground up installation and control.



For more than 25 years, New England Fertilizer Company (NEFCO) has been a trusted leader in biosolids management. New England Fertilizer is a privately-held company with strong financial resources to provide optimal technical and economic options to our clients. With customized client solutions and proven biosolids management technologies, we have demonstrated consistent excellence in designing, building, and operating facilities to produce a Class A biosolids product – one that can readily be used as either a product in premium fertilizer or as an alternative fuel.

Today, as NEFCO, serves clients all over North America. Committed to operating facilities that make economic sense while remaining environmentally sound, NEFCO seeks to leverage new technologies to perfect the conversion of biosolids to clean, resourceful energy.

RDP Technologies

For the past 37 years RDP has been building Robust equipment, backed by Dependable process performance, based upon a foundation of Practical Technologies that simply perform. They specialize in Lime Prep and Feed Systems for the Water Industry, Class A and Class B Lime Stabilization Systems, as well as Precision Truck Loading System that can automatically load dewatered sludge cake into a truck within a couple hundred pounds of set point. Finally, they also offer the Fenton Batch Dryer.


Material Matters

Material Matters, Inc. was formed in 1997 in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to conduct professional consulting services in the area of biosolids and residuals. The initial focus was professional services related to land application of biosolids and residuals in Pennsylvania. In the years since, they have expanded to serve not only municipalities, but also commercial and industrial clients, with diverse expertise and offerings in the areas of odor assessment, master planning, processing improvements, permitting, Class A process evaluation, marketing, data management, bench and pilot studies, demonstration studies, phosphorus management, composting, water quality nutrient trading, and Environmental Management Systems (EMS).