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Summer Virtual Biosolids Symposium
Tuesday, July 13, 2021, 12:00 PM to Thursday, July 29, 2021, 1:30 PM EDT
Category: Summer Technical Symposium


The 2021 MABA Summer Symposium will be held entirely as a virtual event.  This year's theme is "Starting with the End Product in Mind."   The webinars will be held from 12:00 - 1:30 on Tuesdays and Thursdays for three consecutive weeks.

Member: $75/entire series | $15/session
Non-member: $100/entire series | $20/session 


July 13th - Planning

Biosolids professionals work in a milieu of urban infrastructure, public financial decision-making, and regulatory-driven project priorities that can leave many practitioners feeling stuck. But the long arc reveals steady progress as programs brought to completion and scientific and engineering advances improved our capacities. This session provides insight into the nexus of policies, technologies and science, where the planning process, as laid out in this session, is shaping the future of biosolids management

Moderator: Nick Bonkoski, Suez

Ken Pantuck, EPA Region III
Jen McDonnell, NY DEP, with co-presenters Natalia Perez and Andwele McCarty
Dr. Jim Ippolitto, Colorado State University

July 15th - End Use

The extraordinary fact of biosolids management is that the flow never stops. This fact provides urgency to focusing attention on the endpoint, and the accounting of risks and benefits of each path we have ahead. Some risks cannot be firmly forecast, and the benefits must be viewed with skepticism, and ultimately, we need to put trust in the intelligence and commitment of our colleagues to seek the very best end use for that never-ending flow, as this session will show us.

Moderator: Stephanie Spalding, HDR

Kathleen Bertoldi, Material Matters
Kelli Timbrook, Casella
James Dunbar, Lystek and Jordan Damerel, Fairfield-Suisun Sewer District

July 20th - Phosphorus

In phosphorus, humanity faces an existential conundrum, as it is at once both a vital and limited element and it is a resource that is being wasted irretrievably to sinks on land and in waters. At the heart of this wrongly uni-directional flow of P is our wastewater and biosolids systems, where phosphorus might be retrieved, but where economics and technologies are not yet in the right place to do so. Perhaps this session will show us there is reason to hope.

Moderator: DJ Wacker, RK&K

Mario Benisch, HDR
Jennifer Weld, Penn State
Ron Alexander, Ron Alexander and Associates

July 22nd - PFAS

A topic that at once stretches our ability to command knowledge and strikes fear in the future, in a way that may be fostering revolutionary new rules of the biosolids “game,” that is PFAS. In a time of coronavirus, PFAS joins a litany of invisible and malevolent substances in our modern world where the call to public mitigative action precedes an objective understanding of the real potential harm. But in the PFAS case, this action may be warranted, and reasonable options may be available to us, as this session describes.

Moderator: Terry Goss, AECOM

Scott Grieco, Jacobs
John Ross, Brown and Caldwell
Andrew White, Char Technologies

 July 27th - Digestion

The heading in a recent news article read “Bacteria Mulled for Sewage-Eating Duties,” which praises nature’s generous services to humankind. Indeed, as extraordinarily inventive humans uncover the extraordinary capacity of microbes to process our organic wastes, an innovative combination of processes are in development. This session discusses inventive and innovative partnerships of people and microbes in organic solids digestion

ModeratorLindsay D'Anna, Waste Management

Justin Wippo, Thermal Process
Coenraad Pretorius, GHD
Dan Hagen, Waste Management

 July 29th - Thermal

The moment has arrived for thermal processes to take the stage. Through this Summer Symposium series, hints at an emerging role for thermal processes have been heard in managing PFAS, in capturing phosphorus, in producing a stable end product, and in responding to regulatory and public policy directions. In this session, the stage is set for three non-oxidative thermal processes.

Moderator: Jennifer McDonnell, NYC DEP

Jeremy Taylor, SoMax Circular Solutions
Raymond Porter, Porter Odor Science
Garrett Benisch, BioForceTech Corporation


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